Virtual Conference: Saturday, August 1, 2020

Registration will close Friday, July 31 at 5pm. Due to the online format, we will not be able to add anyone the day of the conference. 

The Family Building Virtual Conference will feature the same level of information and insight that we brought to you at our in-person conference, just in an online format. 

Now in it’s 10th year, the conference provides education, community and support from leading providers in the field and other parents-in-waiting with sessions on Infertility 101, IVF, male factor, holistic approach to fertility, adoption education, and more.


The theme for the Family Building Virtual Conference is “Thriving Through Infertility” and we are so excited about this year’s line up.

Keynote: Change is possible. Peace is possible. Join Cathie Quillet, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Transformational Fertility Coach, Published Author, Public speaker & dedicated Mom as she offers us the hope and skills to thrive during infertility. That’s right, thrive! You don’t have to be captive to your own emotions anymore. You can bloom during this difficult season and overcome the sense of feeling like nothing is ever going to change for you.  Join us to find ways to thrive during your infertility so that you are equipped and empowered to continue your journey towards parenthood.



Option 1 – Blue Sky Infertility: Dr. Riggs “Infertility 101” 

Whether you’ve recently received an infertility diagnosis or are in the early stages of treatment, navigating infertility can be daunting.  In this session, Dr. Riggs of Blue Sky Fertility will review common infertility diagnoses and methods of treatment, discuss which form of treatment might be indicated and when, as well as what to expect from your relationship with a fertility clinic.

Option 2 – KU Reproductive Endocrinology: Dr. Lydic “Male Fertility: What about the Guys?”

Often the role of the male partner is overlooked or misunderstood, even though it is estimated that 40% of infertility can be attributed to male causes.  In this session, with Dr. Michael Lydic of the University of Kansas Health System, will examine the main causes of male infertility, other factors known to impact male fertility, as well as treatment options and lifestyle changes to improve it.

Option 3 – Sharing Solace: Crystal Webster “Finding Peace Through the Pain with Self-Care” 

Grief sucks, and infertility is its own unique kind of suck. Self-care and Self-compassion might be the two most important pieces to keeping sane during this crazy time. If self-care and compassion intimidate you more than a failed IUI join us for tips, tricks, and conversation to get out of your head and into your heart.



Option 1 – Reproductive Resource Center: Dr. Brabec “IVF: Is It For Me?” 

This light-hearted, yet in-depth overview of In-Vitro Fertilization will cover who should consider IVF and why, discuss the IVF process, IVF pregnancy rates, and touch on some of the most innovative treatments available today. This session is for anyone who may consider IVF as a family building option soon or in the future.

Option 2 – Vitality Holistic Medicine: Dr. Janet Lee “The Voodoo we do do—That Works!”

More and more people are seeking out complementary approaches (acupuncture, yoga, nutrition, meditation/mindfulness) for fertility challenges and fertility clinics are responding by including these options in treatment plans. This presentation will explain the research-based benefits of these approaches and how best to use them—with or without assisted reproductive technology (ART)—to improve your chances of conceiving and having a healthy baby.

Option 3 – Christian Family Services: Susan Timmons “Considering Adoption? What You Need To Know” 

In this session, Susan Timmons will discussion types of adoptions, how to get started with an agency, home studies and more to help get parents in waiting prepared to adopt.  In her role as Director of Child Placement for Christian Family Services she has been blessed to work with both birth and adoptive parents and the children they both love so much.


Get Ready for a Great Conference! 
We are using Zoom to create an amazing virtual conference experience. A link to the Zoom invite will be sent by email the week of the conference to registrants. You will need this link to attend the conference. We will also send you a link to the Conference Program and some other goodies.   


Virtual Conference Tips:

Set-up Your Space 

Your best conference experience will be on a desktop computer or laptop, rather than a phone. We’ve even make some fun backgrounds for you to use so there is no need to clean (download below). Make sure that your area is free from distractions and please have only attendees in the room to make it more private for others. Download the Program ahead of time so you are ready to go.  

Get to Know Zoom

You’ll want to download the Zoom app ahead of time if it’s not already on your computer. If you’ve never used Zoom, check out a tutorial or two online, just so you are more comfortable. 

Log-in Early

The Zoom waiting room will open at 8:30. Please log-in by 8:45 so that we can admit you into the conference and assign your breakout rooms prior to the start of the presentations.